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In this section explore papers, studies, and statistics focused on the role that youth sports play in youth development, health, and after-school. Find practical, free, and applicable assessments and outcome tools and best practice tips. Discover more about the theoretical foundations for the BYSI network model and nonprofit networks. Enjoy!

Youth Sports
Get the facts on youth sports in Boston and nationally from the CDC, Harvard and others. Examples include:

Network Models
What is the "network model" thing anyway?! Learn more about the theory behind the Boston Youth Sports Initiative. Examples include:

Assessments and Outcomes
The cornerstone of best practices and proven results. Find free evaluations tools, outcome models, curriculum guides, and more. Examples include:

Non-Profit Centers
These pages will tell you more about how nonprofit centers work, like the Boston NonProfit Center where the BYSI is located, and the development of sustainable facilities for youth programs. Here is an example:

Youth Development
Youth sports as youth development. Listed research highlights the connection between youth sports participation and youth social, moral, and physical development. For example:

Health and Fitness
Find out more about the proven connection between youth sports and health, physical fitness, obesity and more. Examples include:

Didn’t see the research piece you were looking for? Check here. Find a youth sports participation fact sheet, a database of research articles, and a searchable list of best practices on this page. Check out these examples:

After School
Discover the role and importance of youth sports in after school. Examples include:


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