Assessment and Outcomes

Evaluation Exchange- Harvard Family Research Project
Harvard Family Research Project's evaluation periodical, The Evaluation Exchange, addresses current issues facing program evaluators of all levels, with articles written by the most prominent evaluators in the field. Designed ...
Evaluation Of Physical Activity Programs
The August 6 issue of Evaluation and Program Planning (Vol 29, Issue 3) contains a special section devoted to the evaluation of physical activity programs. Nine papers are included ...
Learning From Logic Models in Out-of-School Time
This helpful document explains logic models, why they are important and has step by step instructions for creating a logic model for your program.
Logic Model Builder
The Logic Model Builder helps you clarify your understanding of what goes into your program. You’ll be guided through an interactive process of thinking about your program’s goals, activities, and ...
Nonprofit Good Practice Guide
The Nonprofit Good Practice Guide, at, captures and organizes good practices to assist nonprofits and foundations in improving their efficiency and effectiveness. The free online Guide provides nearly 7,000 tips ...
Outcome Measurement Resource Network
Welcome to United Way of America's Outcome Measurement Resource Network. As leaders in results-oriented philanthropy, United Way of America and United Way organizations across the country have championed the adoption ...

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