Network Models

Building Analytical and Adaptive Capacities for Organisational Effectiveness
The capacity of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to analyse and understand their internal and external environment and adapt their strategies to new conditions can help them to respond appropriately to ...
Building Sustainable Communities Through Network Building
Communities are built on connections. Better connections usually provide better opportunities. But, what are better connections, and how do they lead to more effective and productive communities? How do we ...
Building the Power of the Network: Lawrence CommunityWorks Rethinks Community Development
Lawrence CommunityWorks Rethinks Community Development

Bill Traynor, a seasoned community organizer and community development practitioner who helped resurrect Lawrence CommunityWorks (LCW), a nearly moribund community development organization in Lawrence, ...
Community Networking and Social Capital: Early Investigations
This paper draws upon an ongoing study pertaining to the early development of one component of a community network in the city of Troy, New York, USA. The component under ...
Everything You Wanted to Know About Logic Models But Were Afraid to Ask
This paper addresses situations where a private foundation designs an initiative and awards grants to a number of sites to participate in the initiative in their local setting. The basic ...
Form follows Function: Management and governance of a formal knowledge network
When a group of individuals or institutions begins to set up a network, it encounters a number of creative tensions: the tension between the mandate of one organization and those ...
Knowledge Networks: Guidelines for Assessment
This working paper explores five major elements of network performance and related indicators of success: effectiveness; structure and governance; efficiency; resources and sustainability; and life-cycle analysis. The paper includes a ...
Making Change: How to Build Adaptive Capacity
Managing the Mosaic ,
Winter 2003
Volume 10, Issue 4

Making Change: How to Build Adaptive Capacity
By Carl Sussman

Editors’ Note: This article is excerpted from a paper produced ...

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