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A Youth Sports Charter
As organized youth sport programs continue to proliferate and become more sophisticated, a need has arisen to help guide the development of such programs and the evaluation of their effectiveness. ...,XEs3I.?nav=101387
Are Coaches Teaching Our Young Athletes the Right Way to Play? Survey of High School Athletes: 2006
According to a national survey of high school student-athletes by Josephson Institute, the values of young athletes are dramatically impacted by their sports experience. The report, “What Are Your ...
Bouncing back: Sports and Academic Resilience Among African-American Males
This research by J.H. Braddock II et. al., found that sports participation is positively associated with African-American eight-grade males’ aspirations to enroll in academic or college-prepatory programs in high school, ...
CDC Recommendations for Supporting Youth Sports
"Youth sports and recreation programs are one of the primary approaches through which communities can increase physical activity and fitness among young people..."
< CDC State by State Annual Breakdown of Youth Sport
City-level data is included for many large cities- including Boston
Childhood and Adolescent Sports Participation as Predictors of Participation in Sports and Physical Fitness Activities During Young Adulthood
This study examined whether organized sports participation during childhood and adolescence was related to participation in sports and physical fitness activities in young adulthood. The data were from the Michigan ...
Effect of team sport participation on genetic predisposition to adolescent smoking progression
The present study provides the first evidence of interacting effects of environmental influences with specific genetic variants on adolescent smoking progression," write the authors of an article published in the ...
Eliminating the “Going Through the Motions” Syndrome: Consistent Practice Intensity
A major concern faced by all coaches involves their athletes ‘going through the motions’ in practice. So, how does a coach get his or her athletes to work hard ...
Everyone Plays! A Review of Research on the Integration of Sports and Physical Activity
Everyone Plays! A Review of Research on the Integration of Sports and Physical Activity into Out-of-School Time Programs, written by Policy Studies Associates, Inc. with support from the After School ...
Go Out and Play: Youth Sports in America
This study measures the nationwide participation rates of girls and boys in exercise and organized team sports. The central focus is on how the intersections among families, schools and communities ...
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